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Looking for tenor Banjos?

We build them!

Typically we build tenors to order. This allows us to build you exactly to the specs you want. We can build any of our listed models, or they can be used as a jumping off point.

Options include:

17 & 19 fret necks
Resonator & open back designs
Custom scale length

Custom options include:

Your choice of binding
Your choice of inlay
Your choice of powdercoat
Nickel or gold plated frame
Radiused fingerboard

And much, much more. Let us help you build the perfect tenor for you!

Visit Us At Merlefest!

We are back at Merlefest.  Bring your picks and see us in the Expo Tent.


Introducing the Atlantis

The Atlantis has a full scoop, fancy binding, antiqued hardware, radiused fingerboard, a custom tension hoop, a 12 inch pot and more.

Heli-Mount Design

Tweak your tone. Simple. Adjustable. Advanced.

Our patented Heli-Mount system elimates all hooks, nuts, rods, and hoops with its two piece hardware system. This lightweight and versatile designs replaces upwards of 70 pieces of metallic hardware found on all other banjos. The biggest advance is the musical fullness created by the Heli-Mount's perfectly even head tension.

Heli-Mount frame

Who We Are

We are a team of builders and innovators with a passion for building musical friendships across the globe. We start by producing a banjo that is more fun to play and easier to maintain. We promote the renaissance of the banjo at festivals and events worldwide in pursuit of our vision for a more musically friendly planet. We travel the world promoting and facilitating worldwide musical connections.

We share a common belief that the world becomes a better place when you have the right instrument to express yourself and connect with those around you.

But who are you? Get in touch, let's talk banjos!