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Forward to the Past:
Nechville Presents the Flux Capacitor

Perhaps you are still digesting Nechville's Heli-Mount - what many consider to be the most innovative redesign the banjo has ever seen. Now Nechville is reaching out to all lovers of the traditional banjo pot design and introducing the next phase of development in the evolution of the banjo: The Flux Capacitor!

The central coupling mechanism between a modern Nechville neck and a historic design pot is called the Flux Capacitor. Having uncovered the secret of banjo time transport, mad banjo scientist Nechville says, "This is the biggest breakthrough since time began for banjoists! Now you are able to transport yourselves back to 1937, bringing along your favorite adjustable Nechville neck to hook up with your favorite banjo pot of yesteryear."

The crucial Flux Capacitor element enables the full-function of a Nechville banjo neck on Pre-War style banjo pots, and virtually all other banjo pots for that matter.

It has long been a problem with traditional banjos that they are not adjustable. Even if you are lucky enough to have a working truss rod, there is never enough adjustability to use a tight head with a high bridge (a setup preferred by top players). Nechville necks not only have two-way stainless steel adjustment inside the neck, but feature an exclusive mounting system, giving infinite adjustability to the height of the strings to accommodate all styles of play and all bridge heights. The key to the quick-cam is a rounded interface between the end of the neck and the radiused portion of Nechville's Heli-Mount frame. A single Allen screw fastens the neck and body with maximum surface area, producing a super solid and stable, yet adjustable, neck mount.

Until now this useful feature was only available on Heli-Mount banjos. Now, Nechville's Flux Capacitor is the breakthrough component making the marriage of timescapes possible!

Hardware used since the 1920s to hold a banjo neck to a body and keep the banjo pot round are called coordinator rods. While they are not employed on a Heli-Mount banjo, they are crucial to the stable connection of a narrow neck to a heavy banjo body. In the case of Nechville's Flex-Tone Banjo, the  Flux Capacitor is firmly connected on the outside of the traditional pot to the existing coordinator rods. The  Flux Capacitor therefore integrates with the pot assembly - becoming your time traveling vehicle!

The final alteration of time and space occurs at the instant of merging the  Flux Capacitor with the elegantly engineered Nechville neck. The perfect mating surface of the  Flux Capacitor matches the neck's, and when they make contact, dig out your vintage picks and 1942 hat - and watch out! To get back to the future, simply loosen the single Allen screw and replace your neck on your trusty Heli-Mount frame.


Bob Van Putten: I am amazed at how the Nechville neck / Flex-tone has made my prewar flathead Gibson banjo come alive. To be honest, I had been very disappointed with the sound and playability of the 5-string neck previously on it. The addition of the Nechville neck/Flex-tone has brought out the sound, playability and feel, plus the workmanship is second to none.

Mark Jones: I am pretty amazed at the ingenuity (and workmanship) that has gone into designing the Flex-tone. It is really a great idea. And my Craftsman banjo plays much better now that it has the Nechville Classic neck on it. I'll have to admit that I'm a bit on the "handy" side and I've never been afraid of taking things apart and putting them back together, so I can't really speak for the average banjo player. But I think this device will appeal to the several hundred banjo players out there who know the business end of a screwdriver.I would give this a 5 out of 5 star rating! Thanks for making it possible.


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