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Comfort Bevel Armrests

Nechville added this product in response to a growing number of players complaining of irritation or blocked blood circulation from cold, hard traditional metal armrests. Made from beautifully grained and unfinished exotic woods, these armrests are beveled to match the angle that your arm meets the banjo pot. They are compatible with conventional (hook and nut style) banjos, as well as Nechville's patented Heli-Mount banjos.

Armrest Examples

  Note: Theses armrests are made from natural, unfinished hardwoods. Coloration and grain patterns vary greatly.    

Illustrations are examples only and cannot be exactly matched.

Price: 69


*** Custom inlays are available. ASK


Cocobolo Armrests

 Cocobolo is in very short supply these days, and at a premium price.  

If you wish to order a cocobolo armrest, please call our shop (952-888-9710) to check availability and current pricing.


Customer Testimonial:

Thank you Tom and Al for your help with my question concerning the fit of your Comfort Bevel Armrest on my Deering Goodtime tenor banjo. The armrest fits perfectly, it is rock solid. I bear down hard on my arm rest when I play. The Comfort Bevel Armrest allows me to play for hours with no pressure on my wrist tendons, no more pain and divots in my arm after extended sessions. Thanks again for your help and thank you for making such a great armrest versatile enough to fit on more than one type of banjo. (Mathew McMillan)



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For instructions on installing the Comfort Beveled Armrest, click here.

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