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Nechville Presents: Dynamics of Banjo Sound Workshop

Banjo Setup Secrets, The Banjo Revolution and The Dynamics of Great Sound.


Understanding Conventional Banjos

Go beyond standard banjo setup conventions and learn what really makes the banjo sound and play its best. Tom will have tips on improving your traditional banjo and show solutions to common problems. Tom may invite you to receive a free set-up during the class. He will cover compensated bridges, proper neck, tailpiece, head adjustments and more.

Want a Revolution?

Nechville is leading the "Banjo Revolution" into new territory with his unique designs for acoustic and electric banjos. Tom will have several instruments on display for you to jam with and Tom will perform some music accompanied by local players. You'll see inside the Nechville mechanism and learn what makes Helical-Mounting so special.

Banjo Dynamics

For those who want to push the envelope of great sound. Tom discusses exploratory materials and parts for banjo construction. Learn about “Tone Spheres”, Hybrid banjos, and advanced rebuilding techniques employing Nechville’s recently patented “Flux Capacitor”.

Contact: email Tom, Phone: 952-888-9710 or Cell: 612-275-6602



About Nechville


Tom Nechville has been in business since 1989, manufacturing professional banjos and related accessories. His patented Heli-Mount frame, adjustable neck attachment, beveled armrest, and compensated Enterprise Bridges are setting the professional standard for players worldwide. His book, The Dynamics of Banjo Sound is a definitive guide for banjo set up.

Nechville Musical Products is always innovating to meet the changing needs of modern musicians. Nechville's refined acoustic and electric banjo designs have helped direct a new worldwide spotlight on the banjo.