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The Cyclotronic Tone Ring

CyclotronicThis is a cool system that is interchangeable with the current Heli-mount rim. In the new system, the same tone ring is used and stays solidly mounted, yet allows for maximum resonance because it is resting on 80 ball bearings! You don't see them because they are inside the tone ring, but the difference in volume and tone can be surprising, depending on how your Heli-Mount is set up currently.

Why it works

Two very positive things happen when all the head tension is bearing on the metal balls under the tone ring. First, the tone ring is able to resonate more fully because the ball mounting prevents any dampening effect of direct contact with the wood rim. Secondly, the Heli-Mount's rotational (Helical) tightening is made easier with rolling balls rather than the original sliding Teflon interface. The result? It's easier to adjust the head for a wide range of sounds from snappy "traditional" to fat and full. If you are interested, we could either install it for you or send you the easy conversion kit. With the Heli-Mount, you can interchange parts in a flash.

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Price: 300


To Order: Email or Call our sales line at (747)2BA-NJOS (747-222-6567).



To Order: Email or Call our sales line at
(747)2BA-NJOS (747-222-6567).