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The Enterprise Banjo Bridge

ArmrestThe Enterprise banjo bridge combines the best aspects of every professional bridges into one guaranteed bridge. You may have tested identical-looking bridges and wondered why there are sometimes big differences in tone between them. Look at the features that effect tone, features that make for easier playability, and features that are good ideas from the structural and functional standpoint.

The Enterprise has enough strength to prevent breaking or excessive sagging under string tension. A slight tilt back toward the tailpiece not only helps prevent tipping, but it bisects the break angle and optimizes the string's downward pressure on the bridge. It has an ebony top that provides a hard surface that increases brilliance, won't easily wear out from string tension, and gives the top edge more strength to prevent collapsing. Enterprise maple is selected from our collection of antique hard maple, and only the wood with the proper density and grain specifications becomes an Enterprise.

The most distinctive Enterprise feature is its uniquely curved top edge. This shape is hand sanded into each bridge to provide accurate scale length compensation for medium and light gauge string sets. The need for compensation varies with each banjo but is especially pronounced when you are using a .013 or larger non-wound third string. If you are using a wound third string or some other non-standard set, specify this when ordering.

Banjos with arched or radiused fingerboards need to have a bridge with a radiused top edge. The Enterprise is available with extra radius for these banjos. Even regular Enterprise bridges have a slightly radiused top edge to raise the center strings a bit higher, since most buzzing problems come from the heavier strings. The heavier strings vibrate in a wider arc, so higher action is needed for them. Also, reaching the string is easier with the center strings resting a little higher.

Since slight changes in bridge height and weight can affect sound and playability dramatically, the Enterprise is available in virtually all heights and many weights. If you need a bridge that is only 1/100" taller than a standard 5/8" bridge, Nechville is the only place you can get it. Other makers just cut down standard heights with no regard to the bridge's critical mass requirement. Perhaps the biggest factor in finding a great bridge is to find the magic weight. Most inexpensive bridges are too light to serve the purposes of professional players. Thin, light bridges cause the banjo head to respond mostly to high overtones and high frequency noise. The banjo may be bright, but difficult to work with in recording or performing over a PA system. If a bridge is too heavy, it will reduce volume and produce a darker tone, usually with more sustain.

Nechville uses the tried and true bridge combination of maple topped with ebony. Since maple varies tremendously in density from tree to tree - and even from different parts of the same board, it is impossible to keep consistency of mass unless the weight is monitored. Other makers bridges may look right but be out of spec for your banjo. Among the many maple and ebony bridges on the market, the Enterprise bridge, is the only bridge precision-weighed, measured and marked, so you know what you are getting, every time. Guaranteed.

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