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Accessories Dealers Contact
Accessories Dealers Contact


Looking for tenor Banjos?

We build them!

Typically we build tenors to order. This allows us to build you exactly to the specs you want. We can build any of our listed models, or they can be used as a jumping off point.

Options include:

17 & 19 fret necks
Resonator & open back designs
Custom scale length

Custom options include:

Your choice of binding
Your choice of inlay
Your choice of powdercoat
Nickel or gold plated frame
Radiused fingerboard

And much, much more. Let us help you build the perfect tenor for you!


Openback of the Future

Take this brand new openback for a spin. The Moonshine brings Heli-Mount technology to the openback market. The frame is all machined out of a tube of high grade aluminum, then plated or powercoated. The result: easy adjustments and an infinite amount of tone ring possiblities.

Partial Thumb Scoop
Out of the way of fretting
Curly maple neck and resonator
For a crisp, clean sound
Nechville Clearcoat Finish
Won't crack like traditional lacquer
Timber-Tronic Tone Ring
Professional exotic wood ring mounted on our Cyclotronic system
3-Ply Maple Rim
Steam bent, then spun by hand
Wood ring standard, archtop and flathead possible

Accessories - The Enterprise Bridge

The Enterprise Bridge

Nechville Bridge Nechville Bridge

The Enterprise banjo bridge combines the best aspects of every professional bridge into one guaranteed bridge. You may have tested identical-looking bridges and wondered why there are sometimes big differences in tone between them. Look at the features that effect tone, features that make for easier playability, and features that are good ideas from the structural and functional standpoint. The most distinctive Enterprise feature is its uniquely curved top edge. This shape is hand sanded into each bridge to provide accurate scale length compensation and optimal playability for medium and light gauge string sets.

Price: 40
Shipping to continental US: 4

International orders:

Quick-Cam Neck Connection
Our necks are adjustable and removable

Heli-Mount Technology
Perfect head tension, easy setup and adjustments

Cyclotronic System
Better sound from ball bearing rim-tone ring interface

Compensated Bridge
The solution to intonation issues and the gateway to great sound

Comfort Armrest
Increases right hand circulation and comfort

In-line Tailpiece
6 way adjustable

Deluxe model:

(adds Timber-Tronic and Diamond Blossom inlay)





Custom Options

Want this neck on your favorite banjo pot?

Flux Capacitor

Looking for something based on this model?

We can customize just about every part of the banjo.

Here are some examples:

Add tunneled 5th string
Custom inlay
Custom design work
Custom amplification options
Custom scale
Exotic wood
Specialty binding
Upgrade frame to nickel or gold
Lightweight wood ring/bronze ring swap
Narrower neck profile

See our custom design page for more ideas. Let us help you dream up your next banjo!



The fine print:

Feature Spec
Neck Wood Maple
Resonator Wood N/A
Neck Profile Nechville Standard- Slightly Wider
Bridge Spacing J.D. Crowe
Scale Length 26 3/8" or 25 1/2" Short Scale
Binding Black
5th String Standard
5th String Roller N/A
Tuner Ratio 4:1
Peghead Classic
Tone Ring STD- Brass hoop DLX-Timbertronic
Radiused No
Inlay STD- No DLX- Diamond Wing
Head Renaissance
Finish Nechville Clear
Stain Medium Brown
Truss Rod 2-Way Stainless
Frets Steel, Radiused
Case Premium Hard Shell
String Gauge .010", .012", .014", .022", .010"

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