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Nechville has taken the banjo to the next level of playability and versatility with the patented Nuvo neck. Its distinctive feature is a built-in capo system known as "Capobility". You'll never forget or lose your capo again.

The Nuvo neck has flush mounted recessed tracks running the entire length of the fingerboard on each side. The main rolling capo and a separate 5th string capo run within these tracks and can be stationed behind the nut when not in use. Either capo part is used by simply pulling it up to any of the 22 frets.

Since the tension on the strings has not been increased by the addition of a removable capo, the strings do not go sharp and there is no need to retune your instrument when capoing. You can change capo positions instantly, even during a song or while you are playing.

The Nuvo neck is almost like a slim, comfortable guitar neck. It is as wide as our standard banjo neck from the 5th fret up, but the fifth string runs the whole length of the fingerboard and its tuner is on the peghead. This allows the fifth string to be tuned as an open string, or used in any capoed position from the nut up.

Advanced banjoists will benefit from many more tuning choices by being able to tune the fifth string down from its standard "G" without relaxing the string tension. (If you loosen the string on standard banjo, it loses tone and your familiar left hand fretting positions get shifted to higher frets.)

The Nuvo includes many options for creating the perfect dream banjo. Peghead designs, inlay options, woods and bindings are often customized for the Nuvo owner.

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Price starts at 6500, varies with options

To Order: Email or Call our sales line at (747)2BA-NJOS (747-222-6567).


Nuvo Features:

  • Curly Maple Resonator Bound in Black with White Stripe
  • Radiused Maple Neck, Bound in Black with White Stripe
  • Ebony Fingerboard with Cascade Inlay
  • Unique Nextar Style Ebony Capped Peghead
  • Nickel 14:1 Right Angle Tuners
  • Eclipse Heli-Mount Frame and 3 Ply Maple Rim
  • Nechville 40 Hole Megaphonic Tone Ring with Cyclotronic System
  • Deluxe Hardshell Case


Standard Features Include:

  • Nextar Style Ebony Capped Peghead
  • Remo Head
  • Nechville Enterprise Bridge
  • Nechville In-Line Tailpiece
  • Side Position Dots
  • Stainless Steel Two Way Truss Rod in the Neck
  • Detailed Owner's Manual (Also Available for Download)
  • 2 Heli-Mount Wrenches, and Lifetime Warranty
  • Deluxe Hard Shell Case

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