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Nechville Turbo ModuleNechville acoustic banjo players now have the option of converting their instrument to an electric banjo whenever they take a notion with the Nechville Turbo Module. This module replaces the acoustic head, tone ring and rim with the same body and electronics as our popular Meteor electric banjo.

Just unscrew the acoustic banjo inside your Heli-Mount, and insert the Turbo Module. Plug it in, and you are off to the races. At a fraction of the cost of a complete Meteor, the Turbo Module is a must-have addition to the staple of every Nechville acoustic banjo owner.

Price:  750 (+$20.00 US Shipping)

International customers, please contact Nechville sales office for shipping costs.


To Order: Email or Call our sales line at (747)2BA-NJOS (747-222-6567).


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