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Introducing  the Warp Drive Pickup System

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Banjo has become a hot instrument in many modern groups where the term bluegrass is just not big enough to define it. New folk and rock acts are erupting in live venues everywhere. As role of the banjo expands, more players are finding need for powerful amplification without the troubles associated with playing through a microphone.

Banjo pickups have been around a long time. There are several easy methods of picking up the sound of the banjo, especially through Piezo transducers and magnetic pickups. Specialized microphones are also in common use. It has traditionally been a problem solved differently by nearly every musician finding the need for amplification. While at this point, no one solution seems to prevail. A combination of sound sources is necessary to reproduce a natural, lifelike amplified acoustic tone.  Nechville in concert with EMG has recently unveiled a new banjo sensor a that has a more natural, yet big and fat sound. Nechville has combined the newest pickup  technology in a dual pickup system giving players more control over their sound than before.  

 We have improved the design by placing the control module inside the banjo.  Heli-mount owners will be glad to learn that the completely new dual pickup solution works regardless of the existence of coordinator rods. The Warp Drive has a control module containing magnetic volume, Piezo acoustic volume and overall tone control. 9 volt battery and a ΒΌ" phone cord jack.

The Warp Drive installs under the head in seconds, and quick connect wires mean no soldering. It comes with everything needed for quick installation, including the 9 volt battery.


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