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Heli-Mount Design

A Revolutionary Idea

Heli-Mount frame

Nechville banjos are the only banjos in the world to use a simple two component head tightening system.

Imagine screwing a cap on a jar. This simple approach tightens the head with perfectly even tension.

The result: unprecedented musical body and depth. Plus it makes Nechville banjos much easier to setup and customize.

Hear Tom Nechville recall the Heli-Mount invention:

Reimagined Necks

The Nechville standard is a wider, more comfortable neck. Many of our models include a 7-12" compound radius, reducing fatigue and improving accuracy.

Combine that with wider, longer lasting frets and you have a banjo neck that feels and plays like an electric guitar.

The neck on this thing is literally faster than my custom shop Stratocaster." -Steve M. from Maryland

Nechville has the most comfortable playing neck in the industry and great customer service." -Paul S. from Lakeland, MN

It is hard to go back and play other banjos. This banjo will step up your drive to learn and excel on the instrument. I really think this is the best banjo on the planet." -Tony B. on

Tone Rings

You've Got Options

Heli-Mount frame

All Heli-Mount models come standard with our Cyclotronic rim and ball bearing system.

This means you can swap out to our four ounce Timber-Tronic tone ring. Or our Nechville Pro 20 hole flathead ring. Or our popular Hybrid tone ring.

This system allows you to switch between our different tone rings in minutes, whatever the situation calls for.

They all fit- so it's easy to find the perfect combination of tone and weight for you.

Once installed, our lightweight options bring the total banjo weight down to eight pounds or less, saving your back while providing incredible sound.

Tenor Banjos

Enda PRO

Starting at 2875

Electric Banjos

Get Loud

Starting at 1995

Warp Drive Pickup

The Best of Both Worlds

Heli-Mount frame


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