The 2017 Banjo Quiz

20160824_165255How many of the following statements do you agree with?

As soon as you come to a question you doubt strongly or disagree with, you are finished and free to move along.

Based on my experience in the music business, I’d say you have less than a .01% chance of getting to the bottom of the list. If you happen to be one of the chosen ones that makes it all the way, congratulations!
You may have just discovered one of life’s keys to happiness.

Musical Survey- Do you agree with the following?

1. Music is important in life.(If you are already a musician, skip to question 7)

2. Human beings are wired to play music.

3. Participation in musical activities is healthy and fun.

4. I imagine that playing an instrument might be fun for me too.

5. Learning is not easy, but I am up for a new challenge

6. Music challenges the brain and keeps you growing mentally.

7. I prefer folk and acoustic music over commercial pop.

img_01238. Acoustic instruments can be played anywhere, any time.

9. Groups composed of guitars, mandolins, fiddles and banjos can make nice sounds.

10. I know of at least one other musician in my area that I might interact with musically.

11. It is easier to learn a second instrument after knowing one.

12. The banjo is a great in good hands, dangerous in others.

13. For the most part, banjo and guitar are related.

14. The banjo has 4, 5, or 6 strings.

15. Good banjos are easier to play than cheap ones.

16. Banjo players sometimes spend too much time tuning and adjusting.

17. Having consistent even tension on a banjo is important for best sound.

18. Getting the best banjo for the money aids in learning progress.

19. Nechville has updated the banjo’s playability, comfort and reliability.

20. There is such a thing as a versatile banjo tone.

21. Nechville banjos are the most versatile as to range of tonalities.

22. No other banjo is as easy and foolproof to adjust and service.

23. If a Nechville sounded right and was priced right, I’d want one.

24. I should learn more about Nechville 4-5 and 6 string banjo offerings.

25. Tom, Al and Brett are waiting to help me find the right instrument.

26. Getting exactly what I want in a banjo means a worthy investment over a lifetime.

If you made it this far, Congratulations! You are one in a million.

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