6 Common Banjo Problems (and How to Fix Them)

Banjos are machines, mechanical by nature. Look for these warning signs that show your banjo is far from running its best.

The fine print: Some of these adjustments require prowess and technical expertise. If you are not comfortable with any of these procedures, please contact Nechville or bring your instrument to a professional luthier. 

1. Your banjo goes out of tune quickly, or does not stay in tune

  • Change your strings the right way
  • Stretch out new strings 
  • Upgrade your tuning machines if necessary
  • Make sure your neck connection is stable

2. Your banjo goes out of tune up the neck

3. Your banjo sounds “tubby”

4. Your banjo sounds too bright or “thin”

  • Your head may be overly tight, check with a drum dial and adjust
  • Consider a heavy bridge that will bring out more sustain and lower harmonics

5. Your banjo buzzes in certain spots on the neck

6, Your action is too high/too low

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