Nechville Musical Products has been in business since 1989, manufacturing professional banjos and related accessories for the booming acoustic and electric string instrument market. We have gained a respected reputation among the nation’s top builders as being a leader in innovation and design. Our company owns patents on Nechville’s unique Heli-mount banjo design and it has been enthusiastically accepted by the world’s top players such as Bela Fleck and Alison Brown.

Nechville moved from a home garage shop in 2001 into an office/shop headquarters converted from a 1930’s farmhouse. The location served them well for the first couple years until the city came by to widen the street. Nechville lost most of the parking, and made it difficult for Nechville and his tenant to operate. The city finally purchased the Nechville building in 2005, paving the way for an expansion into a more productive factory/warehouse and office.

The new home of Nechville Musical Products is a 13,000 sq foot industrial/office/retail space that will set Nechville on a course for the stars, located at 9700 Humboldt Ave. S., Bloomington, MN 55431. The new building, also in Bloomington, also houses two other tenants.

Nechville Musical Products is always innovating to meet the changing needs of modern musicians. Replacing more than seventy parts of a traditional banjo, the Nechville Heli-Mount body tightens together much like a jar on a lid; greatly reducing the assembly time and improving the banjo’s sound. Tom Nechville has spent years in development and in consultation with the world’s top players researching and finding ways to meet the needs of professionals. His experience has led to the refinement of the electric banjo, which has re-directed a new world-wide spotlight on the banjo. Nechville instruments have appeared on MTV, the Olympics opening ceremonies, CMA Awards show, numerous cable and Direct TV specials and in major live Country, Rock, Jazz and Bluegrass concerts around the planet.

At Nechville, our aim is to build the instrument you’ve been dreaming about. As a consumer, you have the power to pick and choose banjo options according to your tastes and likes. With our custom design ordering style, you can virtually compile a banjo with the all the options you’ve always wanted or needed!

9700 Humboldt Ave. South, Bloomington, MN 55431